khai posing

Well, it is a tough thing to describe your own self. But if there is one thing unchanged over the years ever since I was blessed (or curse) with the ability of income cash flow, the things I usually spent on are mostly gadgets. Acquiring gadgets has become so frequent that some good/best friends have labelled me as a gadget slut. Hahhaha. I know it is not such a good label after all, but I guess that is one thing that will not escape me, not for another decade I forsee.

I have then come to realise that since it has become a passion of mine to buy and try out these new gizmos and I thought, hey, why don't I write about it and share my thoughts. This way, I can probably help buyers or tech collectors see what is good and what not to buy.

With this, I hope to connect with people who has the same interest as me, and make it easier for anyone who would like to spend their next dollar on anything techie. So stick around and let's share the passion together.

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