E3 was a massive success following all the great game reveals. Games that we are all waiting for will soon be released later this year. But while waiting, Game Developers did the unthinkable by giving us little treats which appeared to be more than satisfactory. If you own a Nintendo Switch, it is a high time to switch on the console, go to the Eshop and download these 2 FREE GAMES! Read on below for some snippets.


Fallout Shelter was a great instalment before Fallout 4. It was first announced for mobile platforms and later on ported to PC and home consoles respectively. Tod Howard, the Creative Director for Bethesda, not only announced new games such as Starfield and Elder Scroll 6 but he announced Fallout Shelter for the Nintendo Switch.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to receive such great news. It is free on the Nintendo E-shop now. 

Fallout Shelter will have you take on the role of the Vault Overseer, as you work your way to manage your Vault Dwellers' livelihood. Show them the promise that you have the quality to be a great leader and attract more survivors into your post-apocalypse haven. 


Ever since PUBG made the Battle Royale genre famous, droves of game Developers have started to get their fingers dirty with their own rendition of Battle Royale-like games. FORTNITE is one example of a success story.  Epic Games and People Can Fly, the brains behind FORTNITE, have made the game addictive with a touch of lightheartedness blended into it. With mechanics such as Tower Defence and Survival thrown into the mix, FORTNITE has become one of the most played games on PC. And right now, you can create a whole new legacy by downloading the game for free from the Nintendo E-Shop. I must warn you though, this will eat into your social life. But hey, get your buddies and love ones into the FORTNITE bandwagon too and you don’t have to worry about the entire social life clash issue. 

I didn’t think these games would make their way to the Nintendo Switch, let alone being free to play. That’s just great marketing from whoever is behind the fantastic move. And as always, I am a sole believer of #puteverythingontheswitch. Come on Nintendo, we want Metal Gear and God of War next! Make it happen!

* I am back to my excessive World Cup matches viewing *

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