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Three straight days of E3 has pretty much overwhelmed every gamers’ attention last week. Again, game developers gave us so much tease to the upcoming games release that we were crying out for more. Amidst the slew of announcements and live demonstrations, I cannot help but wonder how would I juggle all of these games when they are eventually playable.

These ten games that are in this list made me smile from ear to ear. They were not only mind-blowing, but they gave reasons why gaming will be hard to say no to.


An E3 game announcement by Bethesda would not be complete without a big reveal. While Fallout 4 brought city building elements into the franchise, Fallout 76 enhanced it even further. You will soon rebuild an entire West Virginia to your heart's content. Building cities or even small towns won’t be limited to a designated space anymore because you can build whatever you have in mind, anywhere. Bethesda also decided to include Multiplayer feature. Your base building - multiplayer role-playing days kicks off on 14 November 2018.


I was most impressed by the visuals of Ghost of Tsushima (GOT) during their gameplay demo. Being a fan of classic samurai films got me excited for this one. The swordplay action of the main protagonist with his Mongolian counterparts showed us that the finesse art of bushido could even live in games. 16th century Japan is always a proper setting for a game and GOT is no exception. I can’t wait for more information on this game to be released.


Exclusive Nintendo fighting games are rare, which is why the next instalment to the Super Smash Brother will surely be a hit. Featuring heroes and villains from the entire Nintendo archive, the character roster will be the biggest ever for Super Smash Bro yet. Take for example Link, our favourite Elf. Three versions of Link from the classic N64, the one from Wii and the one from Breath of the Wild will all be part of the massive roster.


Winning Game of the Year has an added pressure for a game developer to do a sequel. But from the live 11-minute long trailer, we know why The Last of Us 2 will be another fantastic game. Ellie is all grown now, and we don’t see Joel anywhere. So you can safely assume that Ellie will be the main protagonist from here on. It is just as well; she can’t be turned into those plant zombies.


Anthem is the game Mass Effect Andromeda tried to be. While Andromeda wasn’t a terrible game, it did not capture the Mass Effect essence of a Space Opera drama. EA and Bioware team up again to bring Anthem to us. From the early gameplay demonstration, it looks impressive. I am looking forward to the Javelin Exosuits, the armour suit that you put on as you take on gigantic alien beast and creatures of the hostile world. It will be a shared world with multiplayer elements.


The Batman Arkham series is arguably the best single player Superhero game to date. This could all change when Spiderman hits the shelves. We got to see flashes of the fluid combat that were very popular in Batman Arkham in Spiderman. The web-slinging traversals looked good too. I am hopeful for this one. They better make a good Spiderman game since the very impressive classic one in 2004.


I can't put my finger around why I love looking at Death Stranding trailer so much. The level of sci-fi-ness emboldened into the game is so ridiculous that you have to stop what you are doing and give the game demo a deserved undivided attention. Granted, it is created by the famous Hideo Kojima and granted you have the likes of Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead) and Mads Mikkelson as the game's main protagonist and antagonist respectively. On top of that, you have an invisible beast roaming around, and a baby who seems is in Reedus' belly, thrown into the mix. The trailer explodes with so much mystery and fervour.


I love Overcooked 1. It created so much hilarious chaos when I play it with my wife and siblings. Overcooked is a great party game which you want to bring along to your social gatherings. You play as restaurant chefs where you get to cook up whatever your customers want you to make. It gets challenging as there is a countdown timer for you to keep up with, a long line of food orders, recipes you need to remember for the food orders, dishes to wash and the best one yet - environmental challenges. Each level pits you against an ever-changing landscape such as natural disasters or moving kitchen counters. There are many other crazy obstacles thrown at you, and it is up to your team and you to figure out the best plan of approach.


After a grand time with Witcher 3, CDRed Project is looking to give us another RPG with a steampunk - cyber futuristic infused - dystopian world which has a vibe of a blend of Deus Ex and Witcher 3. From the game reveal, we got to know that it is going to be a first-person perspective with a whole lot of character customisation revolving around cyber-genetics modification. The world looks gorgeous, and if you know CDRed Project, you know that they treat their fans well. No official release date has been announced yet, but it will be an excellent time to be alive when this comes out.


A lot has changed since Assassins Creed Syndicate. Origins, the sequel that came out in 2017, was a total overhaul of the series' formula. It was more focused on RPG which was a refreshing take for a franchise that is going stale. Odyssey, the latest from Ubisoft will take us all into the Peloponnesian War of Ancient Greece. You now get to play as either Alexios (man) or Kassandra (woman), mercenaries employed by Sparta to create havoc in Athens. This will be much more RPG centric as compared to Origins which is excellent. Dialogue choices play a big part now, as it alters the game storyline. Really stoked for this one!

That wraps up E3 2018. I hope you are as thrilled and excited as me for these upcoming games. The only pain right now is waiting.

- KHAI -