This review took a little while for me to get to it simply because I cannot stop myself from playing this wonderful-realistic-immersive-one of its kind-RPG. I can just give it a 9 out of 10 ratings, say this is highly recommended for hardcore RPG fans and just stop here, to go back playing Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD). But that won't do any justice to the review. Here's why I think it deserves a solid 9/10.


The story of Henry, the main protagonist in which you assume his character, is set in 1403 during the marvels of The Holy Roman Empire. Henry is the son of the village's blacksmith. He is a nobody, a brat even. All this changed when the village was terrorized by the barbaric forces of King Sigismund of Hungary. The much-revered king, King Charles IV, the king of Bohemia was succeeded by his party animal son - King Wenceslas. Because of King Wenceslas' frat boy attitude as a king, the nobles turned on him and influenced Wencesclas' younger half-brother, Sigismund to usurp the throne of Bohemia instead. Sigismund gathered a large force, mostly with Mongol rejects called Cumans as the core of his army. He terrorized Bohemia and one of the unfortunate villages that were raided was Henry's. Beset by the tragedy of his slain parents, Henry set out for revenge by pledging his services to a local Lord. Although the story is kind of cliche, I feel that the narrative is engaging. The events that unfold after the turning point of Henry's life, is both a page-turner and history-centric. If you are a history buff like me, you will appreciate the setting and the idiosyncrasies of the early 15th century. 


The selling point of Kingdom Come Deliverance (KCD), is the realistic mechanics of the game. This is a game with no magic, no dungeons, no dragons, no vampires to hunt. It is Skyrim, with all the fantasy elements stripped away, and they somehow buffed the realism with steroids. After my 49 hour playthrough, the one word that comes to mind to associate KCD is IMMERSION. Let's take Alchemy process for example. In RPG games that I have played, brewing herbs are as easy as just using the menu interface. You select healing potion, and if you have the ingredients that are required for the healing potion, you just click on craft or brew and the healing potion is added to your inventory. In KCD, brewing potions are methodical. It turns into an interactive mini game where you refer to your "alchemy cookbook", stash the ingredients you require at the alchemy kitchen rack, take the number of ingredients to grind or place into the boiling cauldron, add your liquid base (water, spirit, wine, oil), turn the hourglass to time the boiling and finally taking one of the empty phials to store your finished product. The whole brewing alchemy potion becomes a process. It doesn't just stop at alchemy. There are a few more interactive activities you can do in the game. 


Because of its realism feature, KCD doesn't shy away from the combat either. I have to admit that this is one of the most immersive 1st person melee combat I have ever seen and experienced. There is finesse written all over it and the next Elder Scrolls release could really learn from it. The 5-star points of attack make up the basics of your combat in this game. You can slash from 5 different angles, similar to that of the pointy ends of a star (top, right, lower right, lower left and right) and also stab your opponents in the middle. The combat does feel clunky at first, and that is because you start out as a nobody and you need to work your way up on your swordsmanship. My advice is to go to follow the main story quest all the way to Rattay and there you can unlock sword moves, riposte, and combos with a certain Captain. Once you have learned and gained levels in your sword fighting art, you can look back and see how you have progressed from being a noob to a master fencer. As you unlock better combos, you will feel that the battle system in this game is rather good. 


My biggest complaint about this game is that it is filled with bugs. There were 2 instances that happened to me which I thought was a real bummer. I had no choice but to reload an earlier game save just to make sure I wasn't stuck. I have also experienced the game crashing to my desktop. 

There are also problems with clipping. I see it numerous times while horse riding. An extended branch of a shrub here and there sticking out prevented me from continuing riding my horse towards the intended destination. Now, who do I blame for not doing the proper pruning? 

The lockpicking is probably one of the most frustrating activities to do. Currently, it doesn't work well with controllers. Most probably, it was due to the game design. The lockpicking on the controllers needs some rework. And if you are on PC, this mod might help you out as it does for me

By nature, I am quite patient as a human being. But these things might even frustrate the coolest person that has achieved Nirvana. But good news from Warhorse Studios, the game developers. They have announced that they are hard at work in rectifying all these glitches in the next game patch. I appreciate them listening to feedback and I am looking forward to the next patch.


KCD is an awesome game. It would be a really great game without the many bugs. We have to wait for the final version to come out to judge it properly. But as of now, I think it stands as a very immersive-medieval-realistic-RPG/Simulation. I love that Warhorse could come out with something so real and tangible and make it entertaining. I am quite excited to see what other games developers can create with the same kind of genre. It goes to show that historical RPG can be as fun, if not great. To more historical RPGs!

RATING : 9/10

for PC players, go to Nexus Mods for some interesting mods to enhance your KCD experience. 

Reviewed on PC
Kingdome Come Deliverance Steam Copy
Asus ROG G550
Intel I7
16 gb ram
Nvidia GTX 950