This year at CES, we had some of big reveals in the tech world. There were so many gadgets announced that even the 2-hour blackout did nothing to hinder the event. As always, the event is big on reveals of new age televisions, cars, phones, robots, innovations, etc. These 5 are my eye openers.


video courtesy of The Verge

Rollable TV is going to be a thing soon. These days, TVs are just not for our viewing pleasure. Many look darn good that it is often also used as a home decor. And with these rollable models, TVs won't be a centrepiece anymore. You can prop the base unit anywhere now, and roll it up as and when you want to catch a show. 


video courtesy of Chrome Uboxed

We know Asus made something like this called a Padfone back in 2014. When it first came out, it didn't really win hearts as the innovation only transforms a phablet into a tablet. While it doesn't score points there, it did capture the idea that a device can be transformed into another device. Enter Razer's latest concept project called Project Linda. It uses the power of the impressive Razer phone to dock and power up a laptop module, transforming it into a Chromebook-like-device. I cannot stress the cool factor for this one enough.


video courtesy of CNET

The much-improved robodog from Sony will be way more life-like than its 1999 counterpart. It is now with 4000 parts as well as 22 actuators, which makes its movement more articulated. Pet the dog at the head, at its back and under the chin and it will react accordingly, with much affection. A camera at its nose detects and recognize the family members living with it. Another camera located at the back, near its tail, is to learn about its environment and map out spaces around it. It is rumoured to retail for USD 1700.


video courtesy of Sound Guys

A CES will not be complete without a top of the line sound gear. Sennheiser has once again come up with a ridiculously gorgeous headphones that I cannot afford to buy called the HD 820. The current HD 800s is by far the best sounding cans I have tested. I have not taken a listen to the 820s but as far as headphones go, you can't go wrong with Sennheiser's HD 800s line. The gist of it is that it is no longer an open back. A gorilla glass now closes the chamber. Because it is convex in shape, the sound that it resonates back is minimized and is somewhat similar sounding to an open back one. I have to give this one a try once it lands in Singapore shores. 


video courtesy of BBC

And to sum it all up, we will finish with The Byton Smart car. The idea of this car is that the developers want the drivers to feel like as though they are driving while feeling that they are comfortably lazing in their living room. Not only is it self-driving, it has an inbuilt screen that stretches across the dashboard. So if you are immune to motion sickness, you are in for a treat! My dream car would be a car where they have a Heads Up Display (HUD) on your windshield. When that comes, that will be the day when I get myself a car in Singapore. So Byton, please make my dreams come true!

Ok, that's all I have for you from CES 2018. Let us hope that this year is a great year for everything tech. I am super stoked on Project Linda btw. Till the next article, happy hunting!