The season finale of Game of Thrones Season 6 was simply a masterpiece. As one of those who are still suffering from post Winds of Winter, I am compelled to share some of my thoughts on what probably could be the best episode of any shows.


Right at the get go, with brilliant sound tracks by Ramin Djawali, we saw Cersei all dolled up rather impressively rather than an outfit more suitable for a trial. With everyone else assembled at the Septor Baelor waiting for the King and the Mother queen, you might just expect the trial to be rather straightforward.

With Qyburn's birds luring Grand Maester Pycelle and Lancel to their impending doom, you could see how different the birds are as compared to Varys'. These kids and Qyburn are of a darker nature. A force that compliments Cersei well. The sequence of killings of Pycelle, Lancel and everybody else in the Septor were executed God Father style. It's hit after hit. In the grand scheme of things, it looks as if Cersei wanted Tommen to die all along. Jeoffrey and Myrcella were assassinated and even if Tommen's suicide from his own room window is from the grief of losing his wife, it was Cersei that killed him. I just have to add that Tommen's suicide gave a whole new meaning to "King's Landing". But when all the explosions happened, Cersei smirked overlooking from the Red Keep, while enjoying sipping her wine.

In all the fans' hopes of seeing Daenarys Targaryen sitting on the Iron Throne, Cersei somehow beat her to it. At the end of Cersei's scene, she was crowned as the first Queen of the Iron Throne. Everyone expected her to take revenge. Nobody expected her to be take up the crown. Even Jaime, with all his love for Cersei, seemed disgusted at the whole affair. This is great. I have always wanted Jaime to be the rebel as he was portrayed in the books. 


Back in Riverrun after Jaime's successful taking of the castle, Walder Frey was jubilantly toasting the endeavor. He was bragging how the Freys and the Lannisters were that awesome in killing the Blackfish and that Riverrun belonged to the Tullys for a century and now it belonged to him. 

I always like rooting for the bad guys. I love Petyr Baelish and Jaime Lannister but Walder Frey is an exception. He is just too annoying and he needs to die. All our prayers were answered when Arya served him the Frey Pie, which his sons were the main ingredients. And one of the most satisfying moments in GOT followed after, where Arya sliced open his throat. End of the Freys. Red Wedding avenged. 


I was so glad the writers decided to revisit the Tower Of Joy to make that part of the story a closure. Earlier, Bran visited the Tower of Joy but the 3 Eyed Raven interrupted him. As Bran followed young Ned Stark into the tower, we saw that Lyanna Stark was on the bed, dying from child birth. There she presented baby Jon Snow and whispered something to Ned which we could only assume she told Ned Jon's real name. Whatever she whispered, the only living person who knows about the information is Bran. I was still having doubts about Rhaegar being Jon's father as George R Martins just love big twists. But when I saw the lineage infographics made by HBO in their blog, it is confirmed that Jon is actually a Targaryen. This information could be accidental. But thanks to them, George can stop messing with my head now. 


In a sequence of post Battle of the Bastards, where the Lord of the North are assembled, the scene opened up with Davos wanting to kill Lady Melisandre for burning the innocent Princess Shereen. Jon Snow maybe still owing one to the Red Lady, decided to exile her instead. We know that won't be the last time we see her. She promised Jon to help when the White Walkers come. I for one, would want to see some real magic from R'hllor. 

At the great hall, where the Lords of the North were bickering about allegiance to the wildlings and such, we get to see another satisfying moment as Lady Lyanna Mormont gave out another rousing speech as well as schooling all these good for nothing old men. 

Somebody please call the burning ward already. There's just something about this 10 year old giving all this burning speeches. I hope to see more of her roasting people in the future. Maybe that's what she should change her Sigil to. Boltons have the flayed men. Lyanna Mormont should have the roasted men. 

As everyone else drew their sword, swore allegiance to Jon Snow and adoring him as the King of The North, we could see Sansa's genuine smile at the whole event before going somber again after exchanging looks with Littlefinger. She must be kind of torn, not knowing what she would do with the information that Littlefinger actually wanted the Iron Throne. 


After what seemed to be the most civil breakup between Dany and Daario, and after naming Tyrion the Hand of the Queen, Daenarys Targaryen finally moved towards Westeros. It was a relief as I think the whole Mereen plotline is beginning to get draggy. After Varys secured ships and allied with the Sands in Dorne and Ollena of the Tyrells, the armies of Dany were on the ships, sailing. While Daario and his 2nd sons kept the peace in Meeren, Dany and her army would probably head towards the Iron Islands, taking back the throne for Yara Greyjoy, before heading to Westeros. That would be quite a battle. 

The end scene does look like the movie Troy, when the armies of Greece head out for Troy. Whatever it is, I love that the dragons CGI were there again. The scene of Drogon flying over the ships, flying low and its wings beating the surface of the sea brought about a chill down in me. And like what Daario said, "I pity for the Lords of Westeros. They have no idea what's coming." Cersei Lannister will be damned if she sees this whole grandeur. 


  • Dany will be heading for the Iron Islands to do battle with Euron Greyjoy before going for Westeros.
  • Cersei has little to ally with. Her options are Euron Greyjoy or Littlefinger. Currently its Cersei vs Dorne + Tyrell + Targaryen + the North + Brotherhood without Banners
  • Littlefinger will ally with Cersei and betray the Starks with the Vale army.
  • Arya will assassinate Cersei.
  • The Hound will come for the Mountain.
  • After crushing Cersei, Dany will go north and do battle with the Starks
  • Bran will find Jon and reveal to him his true identity before the battle
  • Jon and Dany will ally and fight the white walkers
  • Jon's name will be Aegon since Aegon won't be introduced.
  • The Wall will be destroyed when the Night King crosses it. 
  • Dany will die during the battle with the white walkers
Season 7 couldn't be more exciting! For now, I will probably rewatch from season 1 onwards.