After a long campaign as the Empire in Warhammer Total War, I finally found the time to get my hands dirty with Blood and Wine. As the final expansion to the Witcher Wild Hunt, this installment gave out both happy and sad ending to the brilliant game, I for one was hoping that CD Red Project doesn't stop making Witcher games.


Toussaint is inevitable the main star of the game. With its lush and green environment together with its rolling hills and beautiful vineyard landscape, you cannot ask for a lovelier world setting for a game. Throughout the landscape, you could see workers busily tending the farms as well as the vineyards. It is an apt place for an epilogue to a great tale. With the inclusion of a customisable house for Geralt, this could just be the perfect retirement for our beloved Witcher. 


As expected, CDRP introduced some new monsters and beast to hunt. One could feel sorry for the new Shelmar, this ferocious looking shelled protected monster when it is angry but looks so cudly and adorable when dormant. The barghest from Witcher 1 is also reintroduced which might be more of an annoyance than anything else. And as the title suggests, it is also a world filled with vampires. Vamps lore lovers like myself, will be like a kid in a candy store.


New weapons and armos have been added too. A new tier of witcher weapons and armors called the Grandmasters should take players some time to hunt for them. There are now set bonuses that gives Geralt much better beneifts such as extra bomb charges or greater sign intensity. 

Included is also one of the best weapons in the game, handed over to you by a certain Lady of the Lake. But to get a hold of that sword requires you to perfrom 5 noble acts which are very easy to miss. New to this installment is also an expanded skills system called mutations. Once you recovered a certain secret mutation lab, you can then delve into mutations which could make your arsenal even more interesting, such as freezing enemies with your Aard sign.


Blood and wine is a perfect ending to the Witcher Trilogy. After a long and hard campaign since 2015, CDRP has developed the Witcher into not only one of the best modern RPGs around, it creates one of the best and biggest expansions in the likes of Blood and Wine



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