There is just something about a perfect heist. Not that I am supporting the criminal underworld in the spree for doing bank heist and whatnots. I just thought that a perfectly executed heist is more of an art than anything else. For the last few weeks, I have soaked myself in the world of heists; video games, tv shows, books, history reads and movies. This all started when I watched a re-run of the excellent Breaking Bad. Yeah, you got me. There is little to no heist in the series. The closest thing that anyone could call a heist in the show is probably when Jesse and Walt broke into that chemical factory to steal that barrel of methylamine, using thermite to cut through some thick steel doors. That scene would be one for McGuyver's archives. 

Ever since the 3rd season, I have been having craze over criminal/mafia/crime/heist/robbing/burglary shows or video games. This is me. I will go into a craze of some sort time and again. Previously, it was a craze of epic historical medieval battles. As you might have guessed, Braveheart, Return of the King, Medieval or Rome Total War did visit me for that period. 

So back to heists. How did I get from Breaking Bad to heist? Well. It wasn't a very simple equation. I had to go through a season of The Sopranos, the whole 3rd season of Breaking Bad, hunted down for a PS4 pre-owned version of GTA 5. I could just went on playing the already bought PS3 version but my hunger got the better of me. But then again, while playing GTA 5, the whole time I thought, I was on a generic crime video game craze. But when the heists missions came along, that's where it hit me. All along, I was looking for heists. And boy oh boy was I having lots of fun pulling heists after heists in GTA 5.

Here are my personal 5 of the best Heist related video games and movies :


Finishing GTA 5 on PS4 didn't stop me from going on with purchasing the GOTY version of Payday 2 on PC. Well, what can I say. Payday 2 is a true form Heist kinda game. The whole grinding to unlock skills and stealing more cash just to buy that next overpriced sniper rifle will keep you hooked for hours. The incessant need to pull of a stealth perfect heist will make you restart the map again and again. I'm in my 20 + hours already and I know I'm not done yet, until I get my hands on that Hand Saw. So anyone else plays Payday 2, let's get together and pull of a perfect heist at Harvest and Trustee Bank.


When I first bought the tickets to see this awesome movie, I thought its going to be something like The Prestige, like how a magician created the best kind of trick and there is a twist to the end. I was so wrong when what a con job turned out to be a heist. And who could forget that twist right at the end. You have got to be a seer or an oracle to see that twist coming. All in all, one of the best heist movies around, if not in its purest form. The sequel is coming too, just so you know.

3) Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Ok, granted this isn't like a crime heist. But good old Sam Fisher often break into private properties, Institutions as well as banks in order to obtain plans, secrets or a secret weapon. Get him that night vision trade mark goggle of his, and you can have him sneak up one even  the most perceptive person. Splinter Cell series has been a long running spy flick. But the stuns Sam can pull, especially the Bank Heist mission in Chaos Theory is one for the books. Only Blacklist can square up to it.

2) GTA 5

The Grand Theft Auto makes crime look fun, I'll attest to that. But it is also a great escape just to see virtually how is it to be a criminal. But when you include a mid life crisis guy, a psycho and a homie who just wanted to make a name for himself, add Rock Star into the equation, and Heist for a theme, you'll get a damn brilliant game. Like I said previously, GTA 5 is a superb game. I had forgotten how awesome it is when I replayed on PS4. The brilliant heists in the game, especially the Big Score is epic. Play your cards right, and you can walk away with about 50 million dollars at the end of the story line. 

1) OCEAN'S 11

My all time favourite heist movie. The 2001 rendition of the classic 1960's Ocean's 11 is amazing. With protagonist George Clooney as Daniel Ocean as well as a host of great actors like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as part of his crew, throw in Andy Garcia as the steely cold would wonder how can it ever go wrong. I love how they showed the recruitment of the crew, the pre-heist planning as well as the perfect execution. The dry and witty humour of the casts along with great on screen chemistry from both Clooney and Pitt makes it all even more convincing. Oh, and of course to add the cherry on the already tasty cake, they cast Julia Roberts as the leading lady. I don't just love this move, I adore it.

I do hope the genre continues to give us more excellent quality video games/movies in the years to come. As for me, I would want to go back giving more hours into Payday 2 and get my hand saw. Why I love it? It's a great art form. Anyone got any great suggestions for anymore movies and video games that are heist related, do share yeah. That's it from me. Happy Heisting people!