As many have already tried, buying from Amazon has its limits, as long as you are staying in Singapore. You might have experienced seeing that such and such products could not be shipped to Chua Chu Kan or Bedok, coz the merchants just do not do international shipping. And of course, there is a workaround.


I have been using this awesome shipping services for over a year now. I have yet to come across a shipping service that is cheaper than Ezbuy. Do share if you have seen a better one yeah. The general rule of thumb for Ezbuy shipment is that they charge $5 for every 500g parcel. This is a stark contrast to using Amazon's International shipping which could come up as high as SGD20 to SGD30. 


Ezbuy has a warehouse storage in the US. The idea is to ship your purchased items to that warehouse. I will be using Amazon as a reference point for this post. It gives you a better idea on how to make the delivery arrangements. For example, if you purchase a camera from Amazon, you need to enter Ezbuy address. There are of course local shipment charges from Amazon's warehouse to Ezbuy's warehouse. But if you are a Prime Member like me, shipments from Amazon to Ezbuy, is not only fast (2 days) but it's free. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


Alrighty. Since you have already gotten the general idea of the mechanism at work, let me share how to actually do it. 

1. Head over to this link EZbuy and create an account.
2. Head to this link Amazon and create an account
3. If you do decide to sign up as a Prime Member (free 30 day trial), click this-> Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial
4. Head back to Ezbuy. Look into "My Account"
5. On the left side menus, look for forwarding address and click on it
6. Under US, this is the address for Ezbuy US warehouse address. This is where all your purchases from Amazon should be delivered to. Take note of all the details such as Name, Address and everything there. You will need these details when you are arranging delivery from Amazon to Ezbuy.

7. After creating an account in Amazon, its time to shop. Explore Amazon and select the item you want to purchase. Copy down your product URL. Save it somewhere you can access easily (notepad, your phone note pad, notes, etc). You will need the product URL to input into Ezbuy Website when your item arrives in Ezbuy warehouse. 

8. Once you are happy with your item, head out to checkout. Remember to input the shipping address to Ezbuy address from Step 6. Once you have entered the correct details in the shipping address, you can go ahead and confirm your payment. 

9. Depending on how fast Amazon ships out your item to Ezbuy, it might be 2 to 5 days. Like I said, if you are a Prime Member, you can get it shipped out in 2 days time. Amazon will then email you about the shipment details, which includes the courier company (Fedex, UPS, etc) and the parcel tracking number. These are important details. Once your item arrives in Ezbuy, you will get notifications from both Amazon and Ezbuy. Once you have those, log in back to Ezbuy. Head over to "My Account". On the left side, click on "Not Arrived" under "Ship for me"

10. After clicking "Not Arrived", head over to the USA tab. Input the details accordingly. Remember you saved the URL for the product you saved from Amazon? Time to paste in the "Product URL" box. Select the courier company and input the parcel tracking number too. Once everything has been entered, click submit.

11. Head over to the left side bar again and click on "Arrange Delivery". Look for your parcel and now, you can ship to Singapore. Make the necessary payments and the option to whether post directly to your house or collect at one of their collection points (Bugis, Dobby Ghaut, etc). 

12. You can also refer to this video guide done by Tiara. She did a video tutorial on her favourite US based cosmetic online shops. It's slightly different. Be sure to check it out. 

Ezbuy is also extending some good deals! Free Agent Fee till 22nd May!

 1. Valid for China, USA, Taiwan orders 'BuyForMe', 'EZbuy' and 'Prime' services submitted and paid during 18th May to 22nd May 2016 (2300hr). 
2. Promotion is not valid for China Sensitive Air
3. Parcels that enjoy this promotion are not valid for other coupon codes
4. Waiver of the agent fee for orders submitted during promotion period will be reflected under "My Shipment" & "My Parcel"
5. Free agent fee discount will be capped at S$100 per parcel
6. Ezbuy (formerly 65daigou) reserves the right to explain promotion details

That's all folks. With Ezbuy giving you a good, reliable and cheap alternative to ship. Shopping from US based wesbite is a breeze now. Have fun and happy hunting!



  1. Well, if I have to do such a thing, I take help of logistics services Dallas. I can order things online and then can get it delivered to all the loved ones. This is what I normally do during Christmas. The best part about this service is that even if I forget about it, there is an option of same day delivery which is why I love their service.

    1. hey jacob20martin, I think this post is mainly for users outside of US. But great to know that you have found a reliable delivery service. Cheers!


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