If you are a living in Singapore and wishes to watch some premium US TV as well as great Netflix Originals, you are in for a treat.....with limits.

Netflix finally arrives in the hot island of Singapore. With the very strict censorship system already in place in Singapore since I was born, it is quite a surprise that some of the shows escaped the censorships and can be viewed for what it is. Shows like Spartacus and Blacksails have no cut scenes. If you know Spartacus, you will agree with me that it is the most graphics of shows with numerous nudity, sex scenes, homosexual scenes and gritty violence.

Subscription starts at $10.98 for basic plans (Streams 1 device in Standard Definition), $13.98 for Standard plans (streams on 2 devices in HD) and the Premium $16.98 (streams in 4k resolution on 4 devices). Singapore subscribers might want to re-subscribe as the subscription from Singapore will save you around 60 cents. I for one, would not bother.

Now comes the critical part, which is the contents. The question of "should I cut my VPN and view solely on the Singapore Netflix?" Why, the beauty of Netflix is that with one account, any account that you subscribed from any country, allows you to view the contents from other countries. While it is true that the popular content to watch is from US itself, changing the Netflix region using VPN gives you access to a whole lot more stuff. For example, the contents from Canada Netflix had a ton of awesome movies. The popular TV Sitcom Big Bang Theory could be found in the content from Germany Netflix .

Let us look into what is in store for the Singapore Netflix. Some great titles include -

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy

  • Blacksails

  • 300

  • Better Call Saul

  • Blacklist

  • We're The Millers

  • 3 Seasons of Arrow

  • The 100

  • Arches

  • Batman Begins

  • The Dark Knight Rises

  • Forest Gump

  • Russel Peters Notorious

  • Season 1 of Suits

  • Seven

  • 3 Seasons of Mythbuster

  • Pulp Fiction

  • Tomb Raider 1 and 2

  • Man of Steel

  • Saving Private Ryan

  • The Conjuring

  • Gravity

  • Inception

  • Argo

  • Hangover Trilogy

  • MI4

  • Netflix Originals including Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Making a Murderer, Marco Polo, Master of None

Great Titles not in Singapore Netflix but are in other country's

  • Friends

  • How I met Your Mother

  • The Last Kingdom

  • Breaking Bad

  • Big Bang Theory

  • Harry Potter Series

  • Troy

  • House of Cards (Netflix Ori)

  • House

  • The Office

  • The Walking Dead

  • X-Files

  • Attack On Titan

  • Full Metal Alchemist

  • Sherlock

  • Sherlock Holmes Movies 1 &2

  • Firefly

  • The Sopranos

  • Fargo

  • Arrested Development (Netflix Ori)

  • Death note

  • Freaks and Geeks

  • Undercover

  • Rome season 1 and 2

  • Dexter

  • Blackadder Series

  • Faulty Towers

  • Doctor Who

  • South Park

  • The West Wing

  • Black Mirror

  • Deadwood

  • Lost

  • Battlestar Galactica

  • Mad Men

  • Sons of Anarchy

  • Parks and Recreation

  • Broadwalk Empire

  • Vikings

  • Hannibal

  • Luther

  • The Mentalist

  • New Girl

  • Modern Family

  • Fringe

  • 24

  • Homeland

  • and a whole lot more

So are the current Netflix customers losing out since the arrival of Singapore Netflix? Not by a mile. Or rather not by any measurements put together. Current Netflix customers, enjoy your contents with VPN. New Singapore Netflix customers, see you around. We will share with you stuffs soon. I hope better contents will be added to Singapore Netflix for the sakes of better viewing experience.