CES or Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual convention that showcases gadgets/techs/concepts of the future. For 2016, the hype was in a lot of things. It is just unfortunate that CES is usually held in the US, so tech freaks like me, can only read up or watch the highlights over on youtube channels.

Much was discussed on VR technology and driverless cars at the end of 2015. Although we saw snippets of what and how it is going to be, there wasn't much opportunity for a normal dude or gal to go about playing with all these gadgets. CES 2016 brings the future closer to us all. These are the 5 things which I thought was too dope which I have to mention.


After facebook bought the brand, we know that the VR technology in Oculus will happen one day. It is just a matter of time really. Having finally come to the end of its development, the price of the Oculus was finally revealed. It will cost $600 USD and will be out this April. It will be packed with 2 games, Eve Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale.


Have you ever wondered if your mobile phone could run on your computer screen or laptops? Lenovo had made this a reality with the introduction of Lenovo Link. Just plug in this dongle into the usb port, connect it to your phone and Voila! Your phone screen is now on your laptop. What is brilliant is the ability to use your laptop's keyboard and mouse to control.


If action camera was all the rage in 2015, 2016 will be the rage of the 360 cameras. With VR Technology, capturing memories now will be of a much organic setting as 360 cameras will capture a 360 view angle of wherever you are. Say you are in Louvre, and you are capturing a video of where you are standing, it automatically records whatever is around you. If you do have a VR Headset, power it up with the pictures already loaded, turn your head around and it looks exactly like as if you are there still. This will be my next capture....heh heh.


If you often bring your 10 to 13-inch laptops around and feel that you just need to have a bigger screen to work on a few things, then this device is for you. Forget about monitors. They are not portable. Plug in the Sony Portable Ultra Short Projector, and you can cast your laptop screen on any surface imaginable. Cast it on a wall, ceiling, table tops, toilet floors, toilet walls....The awesome thing about this is you can project your laptop screens all the way from 20 to 80 inches.

5. E-HANG 184

If you have played Far Cry 4, you would often come across the mini helicopter called the Buzzer. This is becoming a reality as the E-Hang 184 which is actually a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a drone which can carry an actual person to a location which you need to input on the screen terminal. You don't have to pilot it. All you need to do is sit in it and pray that you are safely landed to your desired destination. That's right! It is fully autonomous. Here's to flying lazily!

Ok that's all folks. 5 of the most dopest tech I have seen in CES 2016. There are of course plenty more. Head over to youtube and key in CES 2016 to look for more awesome techs. Hope this post get your Mondays to start off well! Happy hunting!