What great news I received today when I opened an email from Pebble. As it turns out, owners of Pebble classic and Pebble Steel are in for an early Xmas treat as well! Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel got a firmware update that enables Pebble Timeline into the system! Woooohooo! Let me show you how to update your Pebble Steel Classic or Pebble Steel with the Pebble Timeline. Here goes - (check out the features of Pebble Timeline in the video below)

  1. Go to your Pebble watch, enter the settings, then bluetooth, then look for your phone that is connected to the Pebble, enter and hit "Forget"

  2. Go to your phone and delete the Pebble App

  3. Plug in the charger and charge your Pebble Watch

  4. Download Pebble Time app from either Apple Appstore or Google Play Store.

  5. Once downloaded, start the Pebble Time app.

  6. Follow the instructions and pair your phone with your Pebble Watch

  7. Voila. You are running the Pebble Timeline on your Pebble Classic or Pebble Steel.

Things are looking nicer than before. I think the Pebble Timeline looks really cool. Hitting up or down gives you other options rather than watch faces now. Do share around this post to your friends who owns Pebble Classic or Pebble Steel. You can check out my reviews for Pebble Watches here too!