This post will be more of round up of everything tech that I bought in 2015. It has been an awesome year so far, with some of my personal milestones reached. But in my tech world, this year has been one of the best so far. Here are 5 of my most favourite tech purchases this year.


I fell in love with the Note Series way back since Galaxy Note 2 came out. And after using other lines of phones after Note 2, I felt that coming back to what I like is just so right. I love the design of the metallic uni-body of the Note 5. And because it is such a beast in its specs, browsing, watching videos, picture takings, are all breezy. The specs for the camera is great too. You can take pictures in RAW format just like a DLSR. And of course, the S-Pen feature puts the icing on top. It makes productivity simpler and fun.



Although it was an engagement gift and so it is not a purchase, it is also one of the best tech I own. This smart watch gave me at least 3 things that I thought is important in daily life. Firstly, with it, I am never getting any miscalls or unread text. 2ndly, checking for bus arrival timing is way to easy with it. 3rdly, with the recent addition of Pebble time, checking my daily planner is as easy as pushing the down and up button on the Pebble. It is an awesome watch, an awesome accessory for my Note 5 and a great gift from my fiance.


I have been looking around for a new laptop since January. I was kind of set to get a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 when they announced the release a few months back. But when I saw the price, I don't think paying almost 2k is justifiable when I can buy a powerful gaming laptop for the same price. So that is when the decision of getting a gaming laptop occurred. This is my first ever gaming laptop purchase. And boy oh boy. I just loved my ROG. It is snappy, packed with NVIDIA GTX 950 4 GIG Memory, Intel I7-5th gen, 8 gig ram, a rewritable Blu-Ray disc drive, 4k resolution....this will set me up for rendering my video editing as well as running the current gen games. \



Another piece of tech that I was looking for maybe since last year, is a god damn AC router. When I first setup my internet from Viewqwest 2 years ago, the whole fiber broadband was relatively new. And because I also suck at networking, I wasn't fully utilizing my speedy internet. I bought a DLink AC1000 router a few months after I got my fiber broadband up. I was just trying to test out how awesome using the AC speed is. After I was convinced that AC routers are the routers to get, the other considerations I had was which device did I have that can utilize the AC technology. At that time, I had none. But now, with Ipad Air 2, my ROG, my Note 5 all ready for war, I just had to find a better router. Oh, this is also because Viewqwest upgraded my speed to 1 GBPS. So, it is only right. At the Xmas deal last week, Challenger Ion roadshow booth offered X6 for $299 to members. There was no 2nd thought as I grabbed the X6 and queued up to pay for it. So, here I am running my devices on wifi at 400 to 600 mbps. My ROG runs at 700 to 800 plus mbps. I wasn't getting much buffering before changing to the X6. Now, i don't get buffering at all.



My iPad air 2 is prolly my heart and soul. It is with me probably every single day of 2015. Is it there when I go work to accompany me on my otherwise mundane trip on the bus. It is there when I have to read my E-books and my E-magazines. It is there whenever I need it. With its great performance and battery life as well as its light weight. This tablet is by far the best tablet I have used. Ipad Air 2 is my most favourite tech of 2015. I think I will feel lost without it.

Ok...that's it for my top 5 favourites. Looking at all the previews of techs for 2016, I am kind of scared. But then again, I foresee that I will not buy much  next year. Coz wedding affairs....well....its not cheap. Hahaha. Ok everyone. Happy Holidays and have a good long weekend! Till the next post and happy hunting!