If you are looking at the Asia Playstation store and wonder about the lack of games, you are not alone. The database of the digital games found in Asia Playstation store is so profoundly pointless that they should just close shop already. Comparing to the US Playstation store, you can see a stark contrast of games, movies, shows, sale/promotions and whatnots. Even new game releases will be delayed sometimes. Don't even start with the free games from PS Plus Subscription. Last month's free games from PS Store Asia are Thief and Super Meatboy as compared to US' The Walking Dead Season 2 and Magicka. It is just a very sad excuse to be a game digital store.

    This is why, you need to embrace the US Playstation store! The free games from PS Plus are of better quality. The game releases are timely. The game database is extensive. The sale and promotions are ongoing. Sometimes, you can get quality games for as cheap at $10 USD! If you are going to wait for the Asia PS Store to offer you a game at $15 SGD, you will probably have to wait for the next millennia.

    The downside about buying stuff from the US PS Store, is that you cannot use paypal or your credit card for your purchases. The reason being, that the US PS Store only accepts credit card or paypal from US. There is a work around however. Luckily for us in Singapore, came out with a solution! Let me share how we in Singapore can purchase games from the US PS Store.



    2. Getting an Amazon Account


    • If you already have an Amazon account, skip to step 3. If not, continue with getting an Amazon account.

    • Click here to get an Amazon account.

    • Link your debit/credit card details to your Amazon account, except for the address.

    • Use the same address you used for your US PS Store account.

    3. Buy Playstation Store gift cards from Amazon


    • Once you have your US PS Account and Amazon account up and running, you are ready for some shopping!

    • When you purchase these gift cards, you will get a notification from Amazon in the form of an email showing you the digital codes

    • With these digital codes, head over to your US PS Store, and choose REDEEM

    • At the redeem section, just enter your 6 digit code that you got from Amazon. And Lo and Behold, you can start buying games from the US Store!

    • For $10 PSN Gift Cards, click here

    • For $20 PSN Gift Cards, click  here

    • For $50 PSN Gift Cards, click here

    • For $60 PSN Gift Cards, click here

    • For $100 PSN Gift Cards, click here

    *If you want to get PS Gift Cards for the EU PS Store, you can find it here . The website explains a step by step guide on how to purchase and redeem. 

    I usually get the $50 ones because of my monthly US PSN subscriptions as well as buying those cheap cheap on promotions game. I hope this tutorial can help you get things better for a better gaming experience. Happy hunting!



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