I have made some recommendations on what tech gifts to get for the ladies, sometime last week. Let me now share some ideas for what you should get for the men. Men are generally visual and very hands-on being. Here are some ways to bring the visuals and the kinesthetics together to us



Fitbit fitness wearables are one of the most popular around. There are also way too many versions of it, from weighing scale to a sort of a smart watch. But one of the best in their lines, is the Fitbit Flex. It is equipped with a pedometer to track all your steps while you do your sports or just your normal day to day walk. The Flex also comes with a sleep tracker for you to monitor your sleep quality. My favourite feature would be the silent alarm. Your alarm will vibrate on your wrist for your wake up call. It beats the blazing "TING....TING....TONG....BEEEP" sound early in the morning.



Every year it has always been Samsung VS iPhone. But the recent years has seen drops in the innovations of iPhones which led to big sales in Android Phones. As Samsung is one of the leading Android Phones manufacturers, we see great additions to each flagship phone release. The Note 5 is one of the most powerful phones in the market currently. With its sleek unibody metal design, the very innovative S-Pen, awesome camera, compatibility with Gear VR, better user interface, this phone is a great buy.

3. DRONE - UDI U818A


There is just this really  zen feeling when you are able to fly. But of course, the learning curve will get you a lot of frustrations. Once you get the hang of it, seeing your drone fly with you at the helm, I promise you, it will all be so worth it. Take the UDI U818A for example. This model is great for beginners. The large loops frames will protect the drone from crashing. It is also equipped with a 640 x 480 video cam for very basic video capturing.

4. Go Pro HERO 4 BLACK


If the guy you are thinking of getting a gift is the sort who is a thrill seeker. Someone who maybe parachutes for fun, someone who is into water sports, or parkour, or just climbing mountains coz he is bored, the Go Pro Hero 4 Black is what he will need. This latest Go Pro is packed with 4k video recording at 30 fps, picture taking at 12 mp, battery lifespan of 2 hours, slow motion full hd recording at 120 fps. The image quality is way too awesome. Have I mentioned that the image quality is way too awesome?



A PS4 is really a no brainer. It is a gamer's one stop gaming machine. With its exclusives like Bloodborne, Until Dawn, The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted Collection, the upcoming Uncharted 4 as well as Horizon Zero Dawn , you can have the best kinds of games around. The Ps4 is now so inclusive that playing with friends or having friends on the Playstation universe is ever so rewarding. 2015 also marks some really great game releases. If you ever thought of when is the best time to get or gift a PS4, this is the best time.

Ok....another episode of best tech gifts done. We have about one more week till the the end of the month, which is also the end of the year. I hope to give a little more posts before the 31st. Hopefully this gift ideas will help anyone who are giving their guy friends gifts. Till the next post. Happy hunting!