When you think about Super Heroes, you would think about a super cool, gallant, bad ass guy that battles his arch nemesis with a certain swag. Never in a 100 lifetimes would I even consider this face as one I have just described.


One punch man is a new Anime series that entered the screens very recently. This whimsical, quirky hero is so strong, that he oftens feels frustrated because he would just kill his enemies with just a single punch. So, his journey is one that has him constantly looking for an enemy worthy enough that he could have a real battle with.

Put together weird looking enemies and companions, this anime is filled with humor. I don't remember laughing so much at an anime before, until One Punch Man. Graphically, it is impressive. As the animation goes, it is well crafted and the action sequences comes with that touch of modern super hero fight choreography.

Until Saimata, the One Punch Man himself, goes into battle, I cannot take him seriously. He is bald, quirky and wears a super hero costume that comes straight out of Mexican Amateur Wrestling or Lucha Libre. Some of the anime scenes shows how he is in his own house, watering plants, watching tv, just like any other normal human being. But when he fights, oh my, the word violent becomes an understatement.

This comical hero is by far the best anime I have seen this year and it is fast becoming a favourite hero of mine. It is only a few episodes into its 1st season, so anyone interested in watching, can do a speed catch up. I just hope Saimata could find that villian strong enough to endure more than one of his punches. Check out the trailer below. You can catch it on probably on anime websites. It is also on Hulu Plus.