If I were to wait for Comic-Con to ever come to Singapore, I would be frail and counting my days on my deathbed, that is of course, if I can still have the ability to still count.

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There is a huge comics, mangas, animes, video games, cosplays following in Singapore. But since we are not privileged with something as big as Comic Cons, we have to rely on good game or comic conventions that appear quite frequently.

Having gotten a pair of free tix courtesy of Stuff Magazine, going and getting surrounded with cosplayers and game demos are all too familiar, make me feel all at home. My fiance, who also wore our matchy Avengers tshirt, came along to soak it all up. We felt under dressed as the cosplayers really put in effort in their apparels. I managed to snap a pic with Spiderman.


2 things that caught my eyes were the Playstation Booth and Masquerada Booth, which is not really a booth, but rather a huge section just for Playstation. They showcased the upcoming games such as Uncharted 4, the next Street Fighter and even new Indie games. Great respect for Sony for supporting and giving the Indies a fair level playing ground. I even gotten myself a free gift from the booth, a Playstation Lightbulb, which is actually a light source where you can hang anywhere.

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Masquerada, an Indie game by developer, The Witching Hour Studios, deserves recognition. The game design looks really good, with its Venetian-style concepts getting the highlights. It is an RPG suited to Baldur Gate's and Fallout 1 and 2 fans. With its isometric pause for tactics combat, the gameplay looks good too. It will be out somewhere early 2016. Looking forward to this :)


And of course, with Starwars Episode 7 nearing it's release, how can you not have a Starwars booth? Featuring a Pod Racing simulator as well as lightsaber displays, I can't help but asked the ushers whether it is ok for me to take a picture holding the lightsaber. I just had to. Hahhaha.



The fiance and I, being fans of Lego and Avengers, came across Lego Avengers booth. We saw a game play of Cap America and Thor running around solving the puzzles like how Lego games are. We are also waiting for this. Finally, the fiance is looking forward to a game. This is good!


Other than that, the convention is also filled with game tournaments. I can only imagine what the participants are going through, with those intense look on their faces. Whoever the winners are, congratulations! It is a fun gaming convention day for both of us. I really hope there will be more to come!

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