Bethesda has always been brilliant, providing us games that are Game Of The Year worthy, from the likes of Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 as well as Dishonored.

When they announced Fallout 4 earlier this year, the whole gaming world went berserk. And when they showcased the demo sometime after that, many were salivating. I have been following the advertisements and demo throughout the year and I thought these 5 features make Fallout 4 brilliant. It is 7 days till the release. The countdown begins. Tuesday 10 November will be a good day.

  1. Consoles MOD Support

Ever since Oblivion came out on consoles, console gamers can only see with admiration and envy as PC gamers get the full benefit and fun of being able to enjoy all the mods with their games. With mods being a feature this time round, console gamers and pc gamers will have a level playing ground. No more jealousy. Also, think about the replayability. God damn!

2. Fully Voiced Protagonist

Finally!!! After so many many years, I thought this is what Bethesda is lacking. They somehow forgot to add voice to the main protagonist. A mute hero with text dialogue is so so so last century.

3. Transportation

How did you like Pequod, the gunship from Phantom Pain that brings you all around Afganistan and Angola? A similar mechanics is coming to Fallout 4 that makes travelling all over Boston easier. And who knows, with all the brilliant modders out there, something awesome would be put together.

4. Build Your Own Settlement

This is where your Sims skills come to play. If you remember the DLC from Skyrim, Hearthfire, it allows you to build up a house from scratch. Now, with this full feature, you can build a settlement and allow 20 npcs to come and live with you. You can also build farms in it and when the time comes, defend it from those marauding Raiders. Well, it's your city. You can be like the Mayors of old, where you get to rule and fight for your people.

Fully Customise Your Power Armor

And yes, you can tinker with your Power Armor, just like Tony Stark with his Iron Man suit. I love that the power armor can now be customized. I can have my own virtual science project. Oh, you can fly around with your power armor too! Sic!

Just writing all these already had me riled up. Better make your pre-orders soon people! Oh, anyone else taking leave on Wednesday?