Hi everyone, if you are looking for a happening day over a  weekend, why don't you hit the Sketechers Sundown Festival 2015.

I am giving away a pair of tix for free! Yup....for free! Yes, you read it right. For free! Each tix is valued at $88.00 and again I am giving it away for free!


If you are into music or just feel like partying, head down to Marina Promenade F1 Pit Area, next to Singapore Flyer and be part of Asia's biggest music festival! The event will be on 21 November and the gates will be opened at 4pm!

Ok. Here is how to win the pair of tix. Share this post on your FB wall before the 6th of November and write the answer to this question - What gadget/techs (video games, handphones, router, tv, etc) have you purchased in the last month and why did you purchase it?

After 6th of November, I will personally message you in FB and ask for your address so I can post the tix out to you. Don't worry, I will use registered mail so it won't get lost.

Alternatively, if you are a beauty junkie and not that much in techs. you could follow my fiance's youtube video and attempt the challenge she posed. Similarly, she will pick a winner after 6 November. Click here to view the video. Who knows you could double your chances if you attempt both challenges! Hehehe

So come and win yourself a pair of Sketchers Sundown Festival 2015 and partaaaaaay. Check our the 2 videos below. The first is the trailer for this year's festival and the 2nd video is the highlight of last year's. It is happening I tell you. See you on the 21st November! May the best woman or man wins!


  • Sketchers Sundown Festival 2015

  • 21st November 2015

  • Next to Singapore Flyer

  • Gates will be opened at 4pm