As a subscriber of Viewqwest for the past 2 years, I am very happy with their services. When I recontracted my subsription for another 2 years, the good people of Viewqwest had came up with their improved and better version of their in-house media player, The Viewqwest TV 4k. Let's dive in and look at this new baby.




I was very surprised at how nice the packaging is. This is a far cry from the first generation of VQ's in house android box. When I held the unit in my hand, I thought that the design reminded me of an alien head or what might be a spare robot head.


But as I inspected it closer, I could see that VQ had put thoughts into the build and design. The front is a plastic screen where the infra red receiver is. It is also where the status light of the unit is. Red light means it's on standby, blue light means it's on and no light means, well there no electricity powering it on.


Back Ports


The back has a slew of ports build into the unit. With it comes 3 x USB port 2.0, one of which is an otg port where you do your firmware upgrades from. I would expect at least one of the ports to be a USB 3.0 since the branding of the unit is all about 4K resolution. Granted there isn't many 4K resolution copies of movies and shows out there, but for a premium unit, it has to be future proof. Also it sports a hdmi 1.4b port which supports 4K resolution output at 30 hz. There is also a Toslink optical and a 3.55 mm analog audio out should you choose to hook the unit up with your speakers. On the far right, there's a Lan connection port as well as the power connector port.

Hardware, software and connectivity


The VQ TV 4K is running on 4.4.2 Kit Kat. The VP of VQ has made an announcement that by the end of the year, Android 5.0 will come to the VQ 4K TV. That is good news since you cannot run any 4K videos from Netflix with 4.4.2. Hopefully things get better at the end of the year. So far, running full hd videos off a thumb drive inserted into the USB ports is silky smooth. Even playing videos from Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime looks stunning.

image image image

The new unit also comes with a new remote control that has a touch pad included. Again, this is way better than VQ providing a mouse to control the interface on the first VQ TV. I still remember how flimsy or unpredictable the extinct mouse was. So VQ said that now with the new touchpad, keying in text is a much better experience. I beg to differ however. The touchpad controls the mouse cursor on the interface. Is it also very unpredictable. I was usually about 1 or 2 frames off whenever I tried inputting text using the touchpad, and my motor response is above average. You are better off using the physical directional controls to text, or better yet, Bluetooth connect a keyboard and type with it. Having said that, the remote control is still a vast improvement over the flimsy mouse.

Selling Point

So far, this is the only device currently which integrates a VPN service into its technology. I have not heard of any others yet (do point out to me if there are). For anyone in Singapore, the only way to access geo-stricted sites such as Netflix or Hulu, is to rely upon VPN. You can either create a your own VPN, subscribe to VPN services, subscribe to MyRepublic ISP or subscribe to Viewqwest ISP. You can check out my review for Viewqwest by clicking here.

Now, with this Viewqwest 4k TV, you do not need to subscribe to any VPN service or ISPs, you can buy it straight for $299 from Viewqwest or if you want a discounted price, you can PM me. I can get you a good deal. With it, you can be on Singtel, Starhub or M1 ISP and still access Netflix or Hulu. That's awesome. But bear in the mind, the access to these geo-restricted sites, comes free for only 1 year. Viewqwest wil start charging you $10 every month afterwhich, should you choose to use their services for VPN. I think it is fair. Also, because of VQ excellent customer service, they have also built a remote desktop help should you face any problems witht the device. That is right! They can help you fix your VQ 4K TV remotely. Cool!

Viewing Experience


Android has always been a favorite of mine for Media Players, with the exception of Amazon Fire TV/Stick. It is customisable and any platform that can support Kodi, is good in my books. With Kodi, android media player is always worth having. As I have mentioned before, watching streaming videos are generally good, if not great. My only wish that VQ is fast enough to embrace the fast and evolving technology that Android 5.0 should already be its default operating system.


It is too early to tell if VQ 4K Tv is good and a must buy device since the big players have not yet realease their 4K-capable media players yet. We have to wait for Apple TV 4, the next line of Amazon Fire TV/Stick, the new Minix, Roku 4 and also the new Google Chrome Cast. It might be comparable to Sony's pricey (USD $400+) FMP-X1 4K Ultra HD Media PlayerToshiba BDX5500 3D 4K Ultra HD Blu-RayNvidia Shield or the latest lines of the UHD 4k Smart TVs in the market. However, the level of customization the VQ 4K Tv has, is a solidly good one. It is something which many of the 4k capable devices in the market lacks. It is definitely a good comparable to what is out there (the new Apple Tv, the new Roku, Amazon Fire. For an in-dept look at the new gen media players, visit this page for my reviews. Looking at what is out there, this media player is a definite recommendation to get it, if of course your TV is capable of receiving 4k contents or if you would want to access geo restricted sites such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video and more. Happy Hunting.



  1. I'm hooked up to myRepublic, and using an AppleTV. Perhaps I should switch next time.

  2. Hi Kenneth! You should. You won't regret it :)

  3. […] VQ TV is a product of Viewqwest, the awesome internet provider I have been using for the last 2 years. While the VQ TV is solid, it does not function as well as the Fire TV in my opinion. But, I still like it. For those who are stuck with Starhub or Singtel but wants a free 1 year VPN service to watch Hulu or Netflix, should seriously consider buying this. You do not have to fiddle around with the VPN settings on this device. VQ does everything for you. You can check out my full review here. […]

  4. Hi, how does its capability as a media player compare with others for 4K and HD video playback? such as the AC Ryan Veolo 4K player. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi John,

    That is a good question. The Ac Ryan 4k player is another solid media player/set top box in the market now. But at $249, the price is kind of steep. If you are looking for just a pure 4k resoution media player, my suggestion is to go with the new Amazon Fire Tv. It is priced at $99 USD, and it will cost sub $160 SGD inclusive of shipping. Capability wise, the Ac Ryan and Viewqwest TV 4k are comparable. But because both are still on Android 4.4 kit kat, they will not fully utilize their 4k capabilities. For example, Netflix cannot run at 4k running on 4.4. The firmware for VQ 4k tv is going to be upgraded soon. There are no news on the Ac Ryan yet.

    If you have some free time, you can head down to Suntec City and get a demo for the VQ 4k Tv in the Viewqwest showroom at level 2. Enquire away about their 4k capabilites. Hope this answers your queries.


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