It was during the recent Comex that their promo caught my eye. Concurrently, I got an email from VQ about a recontract promotion, an offer that is hard for me to refuse.

On one of the headlines, it reads -1 Gb + Samsung 4K Tv at $99.00


The promo is here again if you can see the image I uploaded above. Just bear in mind that it cost a little more during this promotion period. But well, you can either trust me, go online and sign up, visit their demo booth today or tomorrow at Marina Square or take the blue pill and read on about my 2 years experience with them. Whatever choices you make, trust me, you won't regret it. The only regret is if you stick with your current internet service provider, be it SingTel, StarHub, M1 or MyRepublic. Oh, and also, VQ did not pay me to write this post about them. And if you do want to sign up, message me for my details as I can be a referral to you so we both get a little present from VQ. Ok, with all disclaimers aside, read on to find more....

Yup, my 2 years of contract with VQ was ending. I didn't think twice about printing the application form, filling it in and scanned emailed back to them. That is how much I think VQ is worth. For the last 2 years, surfing the web, watching shows from Netflix and Hulu, downloading, torrenting or playing games has always been a breeze for me. I have never experienced any lagging or frustrating buffering from watching streaming videos I watched. There was that one time however, when VQ servers went offline. But everything was resolved within the hour.

It is also a little wonder why I usually am the host of servers to most multiplayer games I play with my friends. The latency I experience is usually ranging from 1 to 9. One of the great features of VQ, is their Freedom Vpn service, which unblocks geo restricted websites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, Crackle, Ibbc Player, ITV player. I watched the entire World Cup last year for free, as matches were shown Live on either Ibbc Player and ITV. I remembered one ISP charging something like $60 for that. Guess what, I saved that $60.

Netflix and Hulu has been my source of TV entertainment for these 2 years. With a subscription of $7.99 USD each, I have been tuning to them almost every single day. Gone are my days of watching normal local channels or StarHub Channels. Only my mum watches those now. Gone are the days where I have to look out for which time Modern Family or Arrow will be showing, just to sit my butt in front of the tv at those specific time, just so I won't miss an episode. With Hulu and Netflix, I just watch whenever I want coz it all packaged into a nice beautiful 3 letter word - VIDEO ON DEMAND. That's how tv should be watched now. There should be a database for viewers to pick and choose which show and whatever time they want.

The speed at which I usually get, is promised at 99% all the time. I haven't had any bad experience of continuous buffering or lag ever since VQ. Just take note that to enjoy the Super Super speed, u need to be directly connected to Lan cable. You can however get a good to awesome router if you want to take advantage of the latest generation of speed technology called AC. You can ask the VQ sales team about good router recommendations. They are more than happy to help.

Talking about customer service I think VQ has good customer service culture. I was surprised I was able to collect my Tv 4 days after my application to recontract. My experiences with SingTel and StarHub usually had me wait about 20-30 days. Also, VQ is the only provider that I know who supports technical help 24/7. You have an Internet problem at 4 am? No worries, just call them at any ungodly hour and shoot your complaints. I remembered this one time when a friend of mine came over to do some advanced networking when we got stuck at something at 2.30 am. We called the tech support and voila, problem solved. Their care for customers are indeed commendable. Twice they upgraded my plan for free. I first signed up with them with a 300 mbps plan. They first upgraded it to 600 Mbps and again to 1000 Mbps. It's all smiles for me.


So, do consider seriously when your internet subscription contract next ends. VQ is not only a good choice, it is the best one yet. To summarise, here is what you will get when you go for the promotion that I was raving about -

  • A 48 inch Samsung 4K smart tv

  • a free VQ 4K tv (an android box that can output 4K resolution videos)

  • freedom vpn to unblock the Geo-restricted sites

  • blazing fast internet speed

  • awesome customer service

To end this long post, the question you should ask right now should not be "Why should I go for VQ?" But rather "Why aren't I with VQ?" Happy Viewqwesting!



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