With the airing of the 1st episode of the latest season (Season 6) of The Walking Dead already done, my Mondays won't be so blue anymore, well, for the next few months at least. Yay!

AMC's the hit show The Walking Dead returns on Sunday nights, US time, which means, early Monday morning for me and everyone else living in Singapore. But because Monday mornings are when I have to drag my feet to go to the office, I can only catch it up in the evenings when I get back from home.

The Walking Dead TV show is such a hit that it has influenced the zombie/post-apocalyptic/survival genres of shows and even video games. I don't know how many are aware of the spin off show - Fear The Walking Dead, a show set in TWD universe but of a different timeline. Like how TWD started out when the zombie outbreak had already happened, Fear TWD started out days before the outbreak occurred. It is quite a good show.

Even in the video games industry, TWD had made such an impact that many game developers adopted its title and made great games out of it :

  • the best zombie point and click zombie game to date. You can buy the digital codes from either on steam and check its crazy 75% off discount now. Or here if you are on PS3 or here on PS4.

  • in my opinion, the best zombie/post/apocalyptic/survival simulation to date. They came out with a Year One Edition with all the nice DLCs included. Steam sells it at $29.00 here. If you want to try out just the main game, without any DLCs, Amazon is having it at $7.00 here.

  • The Escapist The Walking Dead :

this is by far, my favourite of TWD simulations. Graphically, it is 8 bit, minecraft pixel like, but it sure is one heck of a TWD game. This is by far the only game that puts you in Rick Grime's shoes. It also stays closely to the comics which is pretty awesome. You can find it in steam for $18.00 here.

I am pretty excited about the new season of TWD. I might prolly buy some unhealthy snack before going back tonight. I can so imagine on back lying lazily on the couch, whatever unhealthy snacks I bought on my left hand, TV volume at an optimal level 20 and listening to that distinct sound track as the show starts out. My oh my!