After watching the very recent keynote by Microsoft....I literally went gooey, like a high school girl who just got smiled at by David Beckham.

Ok enough of the high school/teenage reference. Let me show you why this year's keynote by Microsoft is one of the best -

  1. The Surface Book 

Forget the Macbooks, forget the Yoga Series Laptops, Microsoft has unveiled its FIRST laptop ever, and it sure made some eyes popped out of its sockets a few seconds at least. Preorder price starts at USD$1499.

  • It is bendable - you can pull the screen off (by pressing a button) from the keyboard faster than you can shout "transform!" It is more flexible than the yoga tablet.

  • It has a pretty touch screen - It has 6 million pixels and the pressure sensitive of 1024 levels means you can be a Picasso on it.

  • It has a stylus - Yup, similar to its surface pro cousin, you can use a sylus and write down or doodle on the screen.

  • It comes with a keyboard - I love this. The keyboard is not a separate accessory but rather comes in a package together with a screen, which is logical. I mean, who would want to buy a laptop without a keyboard right?

  • It is quite the power house - The speaker announced that it is 2 times faster than an Apple's Macbook Pro. It also comes with 28-GB solid-state hard drive, 8 gig ram and a magnesium body. Just remember not to light it up on fire. You have been warned.

2. Surface Pro 4 Tablet

One might ask - "huh....there's a surface pro and a surface book? What's the diff?" Well apart from the spelling (duh), it is the same comparison of Apple's Macbook Air to Macbook Pro. One is super mobile for all your light duty tasks and the other is for those intense work such as rendering animation or gaming.

  • It has a good price - With prices starting at USD$899, the surface pro is a better option and better performing if compared to an ipad or a macbook air.

  • It has a new pen - It is now magnetic and you can stick it where it belongs, of course where it belongs, means on the body of the surface pro. The nibs on the pen is also interchangeable, so you artist out there have the same kind of feeling when it comes to working with the different size of your pencils, pens and whatnots.

3. Lumia 950 Phones

The windows phone has always face tough competitions from Apple and Samsung. And yet, they still kept their faith and believing that with Windows 10, it can be a game changer. But game changer or not, I still like my android phone.

  • It has new screens - The 950s will come with a 5.7 inch bright screen. The screen is comparable to most phablets out there. at 5.7 inch, people with myopia, like me, will appreciate it when we wake up from our sleep to check our phones.

  • It has a wow camera - With a 20 MP camera, that can shoot 4k resolution videos, that's sure a good phone to have for those photography enthusiasts. By the way, Lumia phones have a good history of having great cameras and the 950 is of no exception.

  • It comes with Windows 10 OS - Win 10 is probably the most advanced OS in the market for the PCs and the Laptops, but it has not been fully embraced yet in the mobile market. We will see how well the reception of Win 10 will be in these coming months.

  • oh....there is also a budget version - A Lumia 550, a 4.7 inch with 4g capability as well as a 5 MP camera. Coz of its humble specs, it is going for USD$139. I think its best for a mummy/daddy or granny phone.

4. Band 2

As a fitbit and ex-Mi Band user, I have come to rely on my fitness tracking device mainly for my pedometer, my sleep tracker, alarm as well as calories burning tracker. I will feel kind of lost without it attached to my wrist. It has a bigger impact on me than a watch does. Microsoft has made a major improvement on the 2nd gen of its Band. Band 2 is coming to you soon.

  • It has 11 sensors on it - Oh my. So many sensors. These sensors of course includes the basic and necessary ones, and even those you actually do not need. An example would be barometer that tells you how far up the the mountain you have cycled or V02 sensor that tells you the maximum volume of oxygen intake you can inhale. Maybe, this band is better for the military?

Ok people. That's it for now. These toys will be released at the end of October. They are taking pre-orders though. I am still salivating over the Surface book as this post has already come to its end. Time to.....hope people will donate the surface book to me or hope that when my birthday comes, people who loves me can prove their love in a form of a Surface Book. *Hint Hint* Happy hunting!