Expansions and DLCs have always been a bedrock of modern video games, especially RPGs. But as far as I can remember, no developers or publishers have done what CD Red Project did. After having already thrown 16 free DLCs week in and week out, this big expansion soon followed.

Heart of Stone (HOS), which extends the game to at least 12 hours more, is excellent. It is really good to be back in the Northern Realm, cleaving drowners and burning pack of wolves.

While games like Fallout 3 or Oblivion creates another world/place for you to immerse yourself in a dlc or expansion, HOS merely expands the already vast Witcher 3 map. It creates more villages as a stage area for the new story line.

What I like now is the level of challenge. It is way harder than vanilla Witcher 3. HOS has more enemies in groups, working together to make Geralt's life more difficult than it has already is. One of which are the new arachnids where one spider shoots out a web to stun you temporarily just like spiderman and and the rest of the siblings, which I assumed they are, surround Geralt just like my when my fingers are shredding that nice hot piece of Popeyes chicken.

So you need to be at least on a level 30 to play HOS. I was lucky to be on 35, with my Wolf armor and sword maxed out to Mastercrafted. So when I did play it, I was so ready. But surprisingly, HOS throws in more higher level weapons and armors. More treasure hunting for me, one which I should see it coming.

The story puts you in a tumble between an old aquantaince, Man of Mirrors and a very interesting character - Olgierd Von Everic. I just love when a story has all the good ingredients, a big mystery, an epic adventure and a Ocean's Eleven styled heist. Look out for the Olgierd guy. He is one hell of a person.

I am still in the process of completing this expansion, having already gone into the core of its story. I am enjoying every bit of it so far. This is trully a very well done expansion. I just can't wait to see how the story unfolds in the end. Also, what would be in store for the next big expansion, Blood and Wine. Happy Witching!

Ratings : 10/10