It's the start of the new week again and I spy with my little eye deals that go with Harvey Norman and Challenger.


Do visit Harvey Norman at Millenia Walk Level 2 for some good clearance sale up to 85%. Deals include both electronics and furnishing. This is going on till 21st October so go go go.

Also on the Challenger front, or actually Apple, the new 5K resolution IMac is out. Head over to challenger to check out nice deals that goes along with the new IMacs.


Windows laptop seekers might be interested in this list of laptop promotions. I'm just waiting for Microsoft's Surface Book. Hehe. But my oh my does it look pretty. Check out the bargain Hp stream going for only $299!


Gamers, here is something for you. But oh come on, you guys need to get the current Gen consoles. It's just more fun. Right console gamers?


For challenger value club members, I think you might find this appetising. I think many would agree with me the fruit juicer is a bargain.


New Games Release

This week has a major game release in the likes of Assassins Creed Syndicate. I have a love hate relationship with the series. I love AC 2 and AC Black Flag. The rest are average games. Last year's Unity is by far the worst AC game ever. I hope Syndicate will bring more balance to the force. Also I think the dark horse here would be Legends of the Sword Coast. I'm a D&D buff so naturally I would like this. Plus, there's coop play and you can be a dungeon master now! Yay! For all other game releases, check out this video from GameSpot.

Assassins Creed Syndicate 23/10

Sword Coast Legends 20/10

All other game releases

Alrighty guys, hope with this post, it will end your Monday Blues. Cheers and happy hunting!