With the competition between these 2 main football video game simulation being an annual thing, it is hard not to compare them. For the first time ever since 2010, I decided to buy both of the games to try it out.

PES has been picking up since last year and the reviews from most gaming websites and magazines gave it a high score since the good PS2 days. I still remember playing PES almost daily before my console died on me. It had everything I wanted given the technology at that time. So let's see if this year, is another year where PES is almost on par with FIFA, being the reigning most popular football simulation in the market for since 2009.


PES, with its new FOX engine, the same engine that is running MGS Phantom Pain, brings some really great physics and really organic looking. Fifa too has impressive graphics. They even included an animation of the referee using the "vanishing spray" which was introduced in last year's world cup.

But in terms of player faces, this is where PES stands out. Just basing on Manchester United, Sergio Romero, Memphis Depay and Anthony Martial looked similar to their real life counterparts. In FIFA, I can't tell who they are. You can check out more comparison in this video, courtesy of awesomePCgames. Winner for this section : PES 16



FIFA has always been the ones with all the licensing, year in year out and 2016 is no exception. Club names, logos and stadiums are all realistic. This cannot be said for PES 16. They always lose out on licensing so you get things like weird club names and logos like West London Blue or North London Red. You can edit the names however, if you are give the gift of time. Winner : FIFA 16

Player Roster

I remember doing all kinds of manual transfers just to keep up to date with the latest club roster in reality. I mean, as much as possible, I would want the right players to be at their right club. It is one of the fun aspect of football and in this case, playing football virtually. FIFA has always been doing its due diligence for making sure that the rosters are up to date. PES 16, with its release a few days before FIFA 16, did not keep up with the roster. Di Maria, Johnny Evans, Chicarito, RVP are all still in Man Utd. Memphis, Darmian, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin are all still in their old club. With prolly a 100 player transfers already done before the start of season 2015/2016, it is really disappointing that Konami did not do anything to the roster. They even gave out a press statement that they apologize for this because they are focusing on fixing any multiplayer technical issues. Then, I'm like....sure....that is why I bought football video games, because I want to play the multiplayer. Konami should have done better. No one at my age, has the time to go and manually transfer the players one at a time just to make sure they are in the right clubs. I have other games to play and a life to live. Winner : FIFA 16

Level of customization

Konami has always been fantastic in this department. The games under them usually offer great levels of customization. PES 16 allows you to change the design, colour, names of any clubs. You can even make a club your own. I really love how deep the customization goes. FIFA does offer some levels of customization but the depth is not great. On the outset, you would want to see everything right, so I guess you will not really care about customization. But as time goes by, this level of customization offered by PES 16 kind of make the game have more replayability value.


I bought PES 16 days before buying FIFA 16 so I had the chance to play and explore PES 16 fully. After playing 2 matches, the romantic memories back in my PS2 days came alive. This is what PES is about. It is fun to play. The passings are tight, the defending is solid and you can score simple to outrageous goals. I like that it is fluid. However, I realise that the finesse finishing is quite an overkill. You can pretty easily by using this technique. The challenge comes when you set the difficulty all the way up. But still, it is fun.

(courtesy of

FIFA 16 brought new elements to the series. If you remember last year, having pacey players will win you matches. If you have Di Maria on the right and Ronaldo on the left, you pretty much stay on the top table for many many seasons. This year, FIFA 16 is emphasizing on build up play and realism. This is where I feel that the level of realism takes the fun out of playing FIFA 16. Granted that the build up play sounds enticing. But when you are at the helm of it, and playing on world class difficulty, if the ball is with the opponent, you can pretty much bet your money that you will be a spectator, unless they make a mistake, which usually is a fluke. If not, passing forward from midfield to your strikers is not a good option. More often than not, the opponent defenders will intercept the pass, leaving you frustrated. So playing on FIFA 16 now, have you pass sideways mostly. You get to play it ever so cautiously. True balls are hard to execute as well because the AI is super super good. I am frustrated mostly on the passings. I mean I have Schweinsteiger, who has a short passing rating at 91, that itself is good enough to tell me that his passes will be completed maybe 8 out of 10 attempts. But if you play FIFA 16 and have him pass foward, you will probably encounter similar to what I did, your passing completion is usually completed 3 out of 10. Winner : PES 16


Well, I have been a FIFA follower since 2009 and the game has always been something I play time and again until the next new one comes out. Although PES 16 came out strongly this year, they lack the strong points where it matters, namely the licensing and roster. Although I am facing a lot of frustration with the passings in FIFA 16, i thought it was a complete football video game package. I will still play both games until next year but my winner for this year is : FIFA 16.

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