(This is a long post....but trust me, its worth it) Evernote and I have been sort of a love-hate relationship. When I first started using it in 2012, I was mainly a passive user. I would just input my passwords or my wish list and then forget all about why I installed it in the first place. I would put my reminders and notes in either the Note app in IOS or just inputing it straight into my google calendar app.

And sometime later, I found out that Evernote supports cross platform, meaning if I save it on my Ipad, it will also auto sync and I can view whatever I input in my Ipad, on my Android Phone. So I thought....that's convenient. And again, the only things I care about to even input in my phone, are just passwords and wishlists and I carried on living my life. I do admit that one of the biggest reasons is that I am just overwhelmed on the features of Evernote and did not take the time to really sit down and know what the heck is it about.

It is not until recently that I realised I cannot just depend on my memory, well, not coz the memory is failing, but there's a heck of a lot of things to jot down, remember and organize. With workload in the office multiplying, blog ideas swelling, and wedding preps getting more complicating, I figured....I just need a secretary. And because I couldn't afford to hire one or enslave anyone, I was forced to look around for something....anything that can help me remember and organize things better.

So a few weeks ago, I received this email from Evernote, my good old password and wishlist safekeeper. I opened the email and Lo and Behold....the title reads - Organizing Everyday Life With Evernote....or something like that. I read it up and TADAAAAAAAA....ever since that moment, everyday planning or organizing gets much simpler. Let me show you some -

1) Evernote syncs every platforms imaginable : if you are like me, who has an IPAD, an Android Smartphone, a personal Windows laptop, a personal MacBook Pro and an office Laptop, you will be thankful for Evernote. It syncs these multiple devices. Like for me, my office laptop needs an administrator password to install any extra sofwares. So did I cry and get emo about it? No....coz Evernote can also be accessed on the web! So I don't need to install the Evernote app on my office laptop. I just log in to evernote.com and smile coz I feel powerful.

2) You can set up a list of reminders


Yeah yeah, i know its subjective because everyone has their preferred way of reminding themselves about the tasks they need to complete. But what I like about Evernote is its ability to capture handwritten reminders as well. Write on anywhere you want, ok maybe not everywhere, but on whatever notes you scibble down your things to do from. Whip out your phone, capture your handwriting and set a reminder on when you need to complete them. You can then search for the words you wrote on your reminder. Evernote has this awesome handwriting recognition. My advise is to not write too cursively.

3) Unlimited notes, notebooks and tags :


This is where Evernote stands out. You can have as many notebooks as possible. For example, you might want to start out with say Password notebook, Recipes notebook, Work, Finances. And in each of those notebooks, you can create as many notes as you want. You went for lunch, you had a big mac meal, take a picture of the receipt, and store it in finance. You can then tag the receipt as "receipts". So when you are doing your monthly finances, you open your Finance Notebook, and in the midst of all those notes, you type and search for "Receipts" and all the notes that contain your "Receipts" tags will be flagged out. It is very very cool and organised. For me, I think I have more than 20 notebooks in the app. The only thing that could limit Evernote's potential power, is your creativity.

4) You can share notes and notebooks :


This is way too awesome for group projects. For my own self, I have a Wedding Notebook. Yup, you heard me. And this wedding notebook and all its glorious notes within are shared with my lovely fiance. She and I can access and edit them as we like. So say she found a good article or a vendor having a good promotion(yeah, its mostly her btw), all she has to do, is to attach it to the wedding notebook, give it a headline and I will be notified that there is a new content added. It works brilliantly. For both of us, this a god send. Planning for wedding has somehow turned a little fun.

5) It has a smart feature :


Evernote has made an awesome partnership with Moleskine and 3M Post Its. Moleskine came out with a smart notebook, a physical notebook that works well with Evernote. While there are still some, if not many, who still loves the feel of penning down ideas and notes via a physical pen and a physical notebook, this smart notebook will be a hit for them. Moleskine included 6 smart stickers that are recognised by Evernote. So what you do is, you jot something down on the Moleskin notebook, paste a sticker on the note next to its texts, take out your phone or ipad, snap a picture of it and it gets transferred to your Notebook automatically. You can even define what each sticker represents. (I have found out how to make unlimited smart stickers. Will feature it soon)Take my fiance (now wife) for example. She loooovvvveeesss doodling on a paper. So by getting a Moleskine smart notebook, jotting down her ideas and stuff, and later on digitizing to bring it over to Evernote, she gets the best of both worlds. Evernote even allows you to make annotations on any images that you save in it. Its just waaay too dope.

This goes the same for Post Its.


This one is for me. Scribble something down, take a picture to send it to Evernote and I can throw away the post-it note. I now have the superhuman ability to be able to afford losing the note I scribbled on my post its! Because the post its come in 4 different colours, you can define what each colour means, which means, you can define yellow as your wedding notebook or green as "office to do". And when you snap a picture of the post its, it is automatically sent to the respective notebooks. I love this feature!

So people. I know you love your Apple Note a lot, maybe even too much. But the features of Evernote are just too great. The 5 features I highlighted are just some of the many many features that exist in the Evernote universe. I have not even touched the apps that Evernote created that complement it. It has given me good counsel in the form of being a digital secretary. I use it daily and would recommend this to everyone. I think I take back what I said about it being a digital secretary. It is more than that, it is my 2nd brain. Happy hunting!



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