Pebble has always been a favourite of mine. With the recent addition of Pebble Time and the upcoming Pebble Time round, the line of Pebble watches are just blooming with grace.

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The fiance and I were out walking at Wheelock's Cummulus (Cumulus 501 Orchard Road #02-14 Wheelock Place Tel : 67333486) when we stumbled upon a 50% off
discounts for Pebble Classic and the Pebble Steel (one which I am wearing now). We were so shocked that we decided to get for the fiance. I mean, come on....Pebble going out for just $89????? Where else can you get that kind of deal? Since it was a price too good to just ignore and walk away, the fiance walked away with a new piece of gadget, happy. Also, there aren't many left. I think I saw about 4 more of each models in stock. So go go go. While stocks last!


The Pebble Steel the one my fiance bought for me as an engagement present, was about $320. Now, it is only going for $160. Waaaaaaaat! I quickly informed my bestie about it and he got if in less than an hour's time. Efficient much! All in all, yesterday was a happy day for at least 2 persons.

Even if the Pebble Classic is already a couple of years old. I think it still looks sleek. With the community still developing apps and customised watch faces, exploring the Pebble App store is always a fun thing. I myself tried some apps and watch faces. Wearing a watch now isn't just a mundane, looking at the time task.

Pebble's features are the very reason that make the watch great :

1. It is water proof

2. The battery last for days, at least 4 to 7 days

3. It is also a pedometer, it tracks your movements

4. You can remote control your phone camera with Pebble

5. You can remote control XBMC or Kodi with it

6. Go Pro owners can use the Pebble as a viewfinder

7. You can check bus arrival timing

8. You can use Pebble as a calculator

9. You can control your Macs, use things like powerpoint clicker or control the music on your spotify

10. You can control your music on your phone

11. You can stay up to date with the latest football scores

12. You can reply messages on whatsapp or text messages if you own a Pebble Steel

13. You can toggle your phone settings from your Pebble.

14. You can change hundreds of watch faces for you Pebble.

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And of course, there are much much more fun things to do with your Pebble. It is one watch where you will never ever get bored of having. Happy hunting!



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