Much has been said about the the next Fifa. Reflecting on how Fifa 15 was, a jump in expectation for the next installment  is naturally inevitable.

I bought PES 16 on Sunday. I played a fair bit just to see what the hype is about as people were raving about how good PES 15 was. I was rather amazed that it was solidly good. I grew up with PES or Winning 11 in those good old Playstation 2 days but ever since PS3 came out, it has been Fifa year in and out. So I am very excited to see what FIFA 16 has to offer this year. I would also love to see for just this year, the throne for BEST SOCCER GAME of season 2015/2016 goes to PES 16.

I am heading over to Qisahn over later to collect my Fifa preorder. I shall play it for a bit and I will probably like to make a comparison to PES 16. Stay tuned!