Apple had just released IOS 9 very recently. With it, comes a whole lot of nice features; features that I personally have been waiting for a while now. Let me share with you some of these.

  1. Add attachments to your email

Like seriously Apple. This is one feature that should roll out even since the beginning of time. Android users are always having it easier composing their emails. But its great that we can finally attach stuffs in our emails.


2. SIRI is a lot smarter

ll this while, SIRI seemed like a dumb blonde to me. Now, she was probably injected like a 100 IQ points in and she is waaaay smarter. She does things now like converting units (centre metres to inches for example)

3. The new multi-tasking window

This is good, especially for me who has a thousand apps all running at the same time on my IPAD. This nifty trick allows you to look at the contents of a few apps without having to swap around.


4. The new revamped note

I like this feature the most. The note app really works like a real note pad now. You can list a "things to do" now, you can also make a note of something you see that you like while web browsing, and save it on your note app.


5. Floating video window

This is a cool feature too. Say you wanna do work and also wanna watch a video in the background coz you just feel like it or you feel that you don't want to be lonely?, you can now float your video window, making it a tad smaller and continue to do your work on the iphone or ipad.


Ok folks. If you have not downloaded the update yet, it is out already. So far, it has not been buggy for me. Happy hunting!



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