Rejoice for all who loves cheap good gadgets!

If you are like me, who loves to spend but who also are always on the look out for cheap alternatives, you are in for a real treat!

Amazon recently announced their $50 Fire 7 Tablets which will be released on 30th September. I kid you not! These are actually USD $50. I have not used any Amazon tablets myself, only the Fire Tv Stick. But judging from the research I made, These cheap tablets are a good buy, especially if you watch your shows on a portable media device, you love reading and you just want to surf the web on a larger screen than your mobile phone.

Plus! Amazon is having a deal now, that if you buy 5 of these tablets, you will get one extra absolutely on the house. Yup, it's 5 + 1 free. It's a nice 6-pack. These will make you go drunk differently I suppose. So if you have a family of 5, this is a great way to treat the siblings and the mummy and the daddy.

Why it is a good buy?

Cheap, good technical support, large crisp screen, android powered, portable, sleek looking, durable, good for watching videos, kitchen counter cook book, social media surfing, listening to music from Sportify and Pandora, and of can install Kodi on it!

How much is the damage?

Each tablet = USD $50 = SGD $74 ( with free shipping get as early as 7th October)

If you are getting the 5 + 1 deal, it's = SGD $370

That is about SGD $62 per tablet!

To me, that is a good deal!

Where to buy?

Click here to go the Amazon Page

Happy Hunting!